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Screenaide client engagement:
user flow mapping, design, illustration, content mapping, web development, PHP programming, animation, & interactive user testing 

User flow development to accurately scope all user interactions

A user flow is a critical design element necessary for the successful design and implementation of a complex user interaction project like SUSI. The client presented an overall vision and general guidelines for specific questions needed to be incorporated, but how the sequence and flow of the instrument was implemented was open for development. We prioritized several rounds of user flow development and review before the design, development, and programming phases commenced.

The user flow exploration process prompted the development of an entire series of lifestyle-related questions that weren’t part of the original concept but turned out to be a critical differentiator of SUSI as compared to other screening instruments.

Illustration & Animation that brings life to the inanimate

To further magnify the persona of the SUSI character, True Creative designed, illustrated, and animated 5 expressions of SUSI that appear in response to specific answers throughout the interactive instrument.

In addition to designing and animating SUSI herself, we also created vector-based illustration scenes throughout the lifestyle section of the interactive instrument to create a more visually engaging user experience.

User interface design to meet all aspects of the product goals

User interface and user experience design is a critical process to ensure all elements and goals of the instrument function successfully. All design elements had to be considered throughout the process, from bullet size, to font choice, to color. Critical user experience considerations, such as the size of a button necessary to ensure a comfortable finger touch size input is registered correctly, were a necessary part of the initial design and the subsequent user testing phases.

SUSI is a complex system that features both a front-end design interface and a back-end dashboard system. User experiences within both the front-end system and the back-end dashboard had to be designed and considered.

Dashboard programming to output product data into a user-friendly admin dashboard

In addition to programming the variables that triggered specific output conditions of the front-end system, True Creative also designed and programmed a user-friendly output admin dashboard system for the health professionals within the health department office to conveniently access the user’s screening results. A color system was created to indicate what the user’s overall risk level is and what their individual risk levels are based on each specific substance indicated.

Also included in the output dashboard are the answers to relevant lifestyle responses, a list of intervention feedback cues relevant to the user’s indicated risk level, and their specific answers to the World Health Organization approved substance screening questions required for validation.

Database management to store all product data

All data provided by the user’s interaction with the instrument is stored in a secured database system solely accessible through the admin side of the SUSI dashboard. Data is collected and backed up daily to ensure the data integrity is maintained.

Rack card design for product awareness & promotion

A well-design informational rack-card is a staple for any service business to market itself. It’s a small, economical way to provide more information to customers, increase sales, and educate clients on other services you provide. True Creative designed a rack card for SUSI to use for all of these purposes. Our goal for every marketing application, print or digital, is always to maintain a cohesive brand. We used all elements of the new brand platform to design this rack card print piece.

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