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Idea Connection Systems client engagement:
brand development, logo design, website design, search engine optimization (SEO) 

Brand development to create a strong brand cohesion between all brand elements 

Idea Connection Systems has been providing innovative services to clients for over 30 years. Over time, their brand has evolved but has been rephrased, restructured, and misconstrued as input from many different stakeholders continued to flow in throughout the decades. As a result, their brand lacked cohesion and organization. Different divisions addressed the same instruments in completely different ways and there was no unified brand umbrella tying everything together. True Creative engaged with Idea Connection Systems to overhaul the ICS brand and resolve many of these brand issues. The task involved sourcing, deconstructing, and reorganizing sub-brands into a unified umbrella platform that was easily communicated to outside audiences.

Website redesign to create a cohesive brand and marketing platform

With the brand development process complete, True Creative embarked on the design and development of the new Idea Connection Systems website. The new design features their current brand colors, strong use of typography, cohesive image styles across every page, and most importantly, a unified brand messaging standard.

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